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lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

Lima is a paradise of combies

Five years ago, Susana Villarán made a promise in order to be elected as mayoress of Lima. She was committed to put order in transportation. It could be real but it was only a good intention. The idea of set up a Buses System painted in blue was a good step but not enough. Actually, at first it developed in a chaos for commuters.

Anyway, the fact is that since 90’s when Alberto Fujimori was president, combies showed up on the roads of this  untidy city. These are a particular way of transportation, in other words these are "crazy combies" because their drivers go by the roads as a pilot of racing, with the highest loudly songs. The speed and the volume is the same pollution mess. We have a particular alive folkore  with rhythims of Yaipén, Grupo 5, Los Destellos' and the typical voices of ‘suben, suben’ y ‘bajan, bajan, pisa’, ‘pie derecho’, everyday. With a guy, hanging from the combi's door, they charge fares as they consider you must pay, without fair rules.

Although almost two decades have passed, we still continue travelling in messy combies, and just with a few options of buses but some of them in danger of being deactivated by the currently authorities It happens when there is no respect for the community even if the transportation is safety, environment clean and civilized.

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