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martes, 2 de julio de 2019

Music as a wave of style

Music makes history in the World. Each kind of musical gender has its moments of popularity in certain moment of our lives. For example, in the sixties The Beach Boys played music about surf, waves and beaches. They were famous by songs like: “Californian girls” or “Surfing USA”.

At seventies, there was a funk style and also a reaction of rebelliousness of sixties. In this decade, the music was relaxed, perfect for dancing. In this time, there was the Disco movement. There were bands and artists that wanted to speak of the ills of society, influenced by the punk music at the lastest part of the decade.

Most people liked this loudly style as to support another way to vent their frustrations, which the fun that disco music provided. The 1970's was the decade which connected with the hippie lifestyle of the 1960s

Furthermore, in 1980s was the emergence of pop, dance music and new wave. In that time, disco began to be out of fashion and dance-pop became more popular. Rock music got a wide audience thorough genders as new wave, soft rock and sounds of a heavy guitar. The wave was of The Clash, a british punk band, that made musical experimentation, and has a rebellious attitude of alternative rock in particular.

In conclusion, in the history of music there were different genders which made a combination of sounds, lifestyle and preferences. I feel very identified with the eighties as I am a fan of rock music. I think it is my way of wasting energy.

  Definitely, music strikes in our lives. It defines our bank of memory, because it is influenced by the environment, the social facts of a country. Music stamps an age by its style and using any kind of sounds from another gender.


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