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viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008


I went to a books's exposition three weeks ago and it gave an idea about what's happening whit the reading in Perú.
It is really impressive that some people risk their investments in books's business as most of peruvians dislike reading.
It seemed to me a matter of heroism, but the problem I think is not exactly to know that we don't like reading, the problem is what we can do to avoid it. How can we encourage peruvians to find pleasure in take a book and devour it.

We have to think in many reasons that make this situation extremely dramatic.
First of all, I think there is an economical problem which force people to buy an imatation book instead of an original one and this owed mostly to the government that don't support the book's business giving tax exonorations.
We need inmediately a policy from the Government which encourage and motivate peruvians to read, actually there is one called "Ley de Democratización del Libro y de Fomento a la Lectura", but it only needs to be approved.

As you see, the main responsability of this problem comes from the Government but it really pays no attention to it because is a great disadvantage have a well-read population.
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